Any given day.....

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Today I begin......refuse to let doubt concur me for another minute. Procastination is no longer my companion. So as I climb gracefully down from my virtual mushroom of contemplation, allow me to present my world as it is momentarily. Originally from the Emerald Isle (Ireland) poetic in itself, as my fascination with Emeralds and other stones as let me to this day, to this moment in time. Ever since I can recall, I have had an intense passion for objects of art, jewellery being my main fascination. A wearable piece of art. Hence my story unveils..... ..
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My first ring......

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One of my first birthday gifts was a gold shamrock ring. I think the fascination with jewellery came from my Mum, as I recall every finger on Mum's hands were always adorned with unique rings. The same was true for my Mum's sisters and my Cousin. They particularly liked gold, embleshished with diamonds and other precious stones .  The birthday gift was a shamrock shaped gold ring embedded with Conemarra Marble. Both the shape and the marble paying homish to my Irish roots,   ..
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